Non-Conforming To Township Building Codes

Village Commercial District

The proposed Cell Tower site is within the "Village Commercial District".  Whitemarsh Building Code specifically prevents a Cell Tower from being built in this zone.

500 Foot Setback

The proposed Cell Tower would be located within 178 feet of the surrounding residential district boundary.  Building Code calls for a 500 foot setback between the Cell Tower and the residential district boundary.  The distance away from a Cell Tower has a direct impact on property value.  Local residents' property values will be impacted.

Stop It Now Or .....

Future Additions To This Tower Can Not Be Stopped!

Under FCC Regulations, once this Cell Tower is built, no one, not even the Township, can stop Verizon from adding numerous other carriers antennas (co-location) to this Tower.  

No Township approval is required.

If you are wondering what this Tower will look like in the future just look at Joshua Road & Germantown Pike.

Take Action Today Before It's To Late

Attend the next Zoning Board Hearing

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